We use our experience for internationalization consultancy to Italian and American companies (mergers, partnerships, joint ventures, acquisitions and other commercial and financial transactions). business start-up, administration, legal partnership, accounting services, trade and outsourcing strategies, compliance with the directives of government agencies such as the FDA, SEC, IRS, ATF, negotiations with investment banks and private equity firms. We offer assistance at the competent immigration offices for issuing visas.

Management & Business Administration:

  • Formation and management of companies in USA: Corporations, Partnerships, LLCs.
  • Asset Holding Structures: Aircraft, Real Estate, yachts, etc.
  • Immigration Services and visas : B-1, B-2, E-1, E-2 e EB-5.
  • Captive insurance entities, banking, and other licensed organizations.
  • State and Federal incentives, grants and tax credit support.

Business Startup and Management:

  • Formation and management of USA Resident Corporations, Partnerships, and LLC’s.
  • USA Asset Holding Structures – Real Estate, Aircraft, Yachts, etc.
  • Immigration including B-1, B-2, E-1, E-2 and EB-5 work visa assistance.
  • Specialty companies including captive insurance entities, banking, and other licensed organizations.
  • State and Federal incentives, grants and tax credit support.

Internationalization Services:

  •  Agency Services with supplier/purchaser sourcing.
  • Consulting and operational services for international companies expanding into the USA market.
  • Regulatory Assistance including compliance with FDA, USDA, ATF, EPA.
  • Import/Export compliance and customs brokerage/agents.
  • Trade finance solutions and Letters of Credit (LC).
  • Joint Ventures and Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A).
  • Branch office administration.
  • Insurance consulting and support.
  • E-commerce and Merchant Accounts.

Real Estate:

  •  Identification and purchase assistance for foreign and domestics buyers of residential, commercial, and industrial real estate to include hotels and major shopping areas.
  • Formation and management of real estate holding structures for property held in the USA or anywhere in the world.
  • Apartment, Condo, Villa management and tenant management.
  • Bookkeeping and payment of real estate related expenses.
  • Coordination of contractors for building renovations, developments, or maintenance.

Investments and Fund Administration:

  •  Establishment of private placement funds, hedge funds, or other investment vehicles for Non-USA individuals.
  • Initial Public Offering (IPO & SEC) assistance.
  • Sourcing of corporate officers and qualified board of directors.
  • Fund taxation and distribution structuring and consulting.
  • Bookkeeping and tax return preparation for investment funds.
  • Fund management and investment strategy through registered advisors that collaborate with Corporate TeamWorks.

Accounting and Business Finance:

  •  Qualified accountants and PhD's with local, national, and international experience.
  • International Tax Treaty filings and Residence Certificates for international trade.
  • Bookkeeping, Payroll and USA Tax Return Preparation.
  • Retirement Accounts, Health Savings Accounts, and other tax deferred planning.
  • Assistance with Private Equity sourcing, Investment banking, and Lending.

FATCA Assistance:

  • Review and analysis of a company's FATCA impact and requirements.
  • Assistance with identifying and documenting an entity's status under FATCA.
  • Support for requesting Foreign Financial Institution Number (FFIN).
  • Verification of withhold-able payments and the published FFI list for compliant institutions.
  • Support for registering as Registered Deemed Compliant.

Inheritance Planning:

  •  Formation and management of Trusts.
  • Provision of individual Trustees .
  • Trust accounting and tax reporting.
  • Application of Inheritance Tax Treaties.
  • Drafting of Wills for USA assets.

Intellectual Property:

  •  Trademark, Patent, and Copyright Registration.
  • Patent commercialization.
  • Licensing and Royalty Agreements.
  • IP Treaty Benefit Analysis and application.
  • Liaison with attorneys for infringement and IP related litigation.